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Keep your home safe and your chimney in top condition with our expert chimney sweep services at Certified Chimney NY. Serving New Rochelle, NY, our team ensures your fireplace is ready for any season.


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Why Regular Chimney Cleaning is Essential

Regular maintenance of your chimney can prevent hazardous build-ups of creosote and other materials that could lead to fires. Ensuring your chimney is clean also enhances the efficiency of your fireplace, making your home in Westchester County more comfortable during the colder months.

Additionally, a well-maintained chimney contributes to better indoor air quality by ensuring all smoke and fumes are effectively drawn out of your home. Trust Certified Chimney NY to handle all your chimney needs in New Rochelle, NY.

Safety First

Every sweep is conducted with the utmost care to ensure your home remains safe and sound.

Experienced Technicians

Our team in New Rochelle, NY, has years of experience and receives ongoing training in the latest chimney care techniques.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're committed to providing excellent service and ensuring your complete satisfaction in Westchester County.

Our Comprehensive Chimney Sweep Process

At Certified Chimney NY, we begin every chimney sweep with a meticulous inspection. This initial step is crucial as it helps us identify any potential issues such as structural damage or blockages that could affect the safety and efficiency of your chimney. Our team of skilled technicians in New Rochelle, NY, uses advanced diagnostic tools to ensure that every aspect of your chimney’s structure is sound and secure.

Following the inspection, our certified technicians proceed with the actual cleaning of your chimney. This includes the thorough removal of soot, creosote, and any obstructions in the chimney flue, firebox, smoke chamber, and damper. These substances can be highly flammable and pose serious fire risks if not properly managed. Our cleaning methods are designed to effectively remove these hazards while preserving the integrity of your chimney.

To conclude our service, we perform a final assessment to ensure everything is clean and functioning correctly. We also provide detailed feedback and maintenance tips to help you keep your chimney in optimal condition until our next visit. Our goal is to leave you with a safe, efficient fireplace that enhances the comfort and safety of your home in Westchester County. For more information or to schedule a cleaning, you can always reach us at 877-793-3712.

Benefits of Choosing Certified Chimney NY

Choosing Certified Chimney NY for your chimney services guarantees that you will receive the highest level of professional care. Our technicians are highly trained professionals who specialize in chimney maintenance and safety. With years of experience serving the homes of New Rochelle, NY, they possess the knowledge and skills required to handle any chimney-related issue. Our commitment to ongoing training ensures that our team stays updated on the latest industry standards and techniques.

Our comprehensive chimney services not only aim to resolve immediate issues but also focus on preventing future problems. Regular maintenance and cleaning reduce the risk of chimney fires and improve the overall efficiency of your heating system. This proactive approach can significantly extend the lifespan of your chimney and help you avoid costly repairs down the line. Homeowners in Westchester County trust us because we consistently deliver reliable results and peace of mind.

For added convenience, we offer flexible scheduling and competitive pricing to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today at 877-793-3712 to learn more about how we can help you maintain a safe and efficient chimney. Let Certified Chimney NY be your partner in ensuring the safety and longevity of your home’s heating system.

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New Rochelle is a city in Westchester County, New York, United States. It’s a suburb of New York City, located approximately 17 miles (27 km) from Midtown Manhattan. In 2020, the city had a population of 79,726, making it the 7th-largest city and 22nd-most populous municipality in New York. Some residents refer to the city as New Ro. A well-known destination within New Rochelle is “New Roc City,” which has restaurants and entertainment venues.

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