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Certified Chimney: Your Trusted Chimney Company in Putnam County, NY. With years of expertise and a dedicated team of chimney specialists, we offer comprehensive chimney solutions, from routine maintenance to complete restorations. Trust us to keep your chimney safe and efficient year-round.


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At Certified Chimney, we are proud to serve as the leading chimney contractors in Putnam County, NY. Our team of highly trained chimney experts is committed to delivering top-quality service for every aspect of chimney care. Whether you need a routine chimney sweep, inspection, or complex chimney restoration services, we are equipped to handle it all. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure your chimney functions safely and efficiently.

Understanding the importance of a well-maintained chimney for home safety, Certified Chimney offers a range of specialized services tailored to meet the unique needs of Putnam County residents. Our chimney specialists are adept at diagnosing and solving any chimney issues, ensuring that your home is protected from potential hazards like blockages or structural damages. Let us help you maintain a safe and warm home environment with our expert chimney services.

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